Halcyon delivers customized wealth management solutions to financially successful families and individuals. We help our clients quantify what they have, calculate what they need, chart the course between the two and ensure that they stay on path.

Since our founding, it has been our mission to deliver unbiased and independent advice, while building client loyalty through trust, integrity and unsurpassed service.

Because money doesn't come with instructions.

Financial planning and investment management processes must be educational as well as goal-oriented. We help you to understand your current financial position so that you are able to make better financial decisions and more easily implement your customized planning recommendations.

You have to know where you're headed in order to reach your destination.

Many people strive for "success" or "financial freedom", but they have yet to determine what these words mean to them. We help you articulate your financial dreams and then provide you with the specific resources and personalized financial road maps to reach them.

Long-term investment success doesn't happen overnight

Helping you understand your investments and maintain a disciplined approach to investing is the key to your long-term success as an investor. The quality investment decisions we help you make today can help you eventually reach financial independence.