At Halcyon, we deliver a full range of ideas and perspectives when constructing integrated wealth management solutions that address clients’ financial priorities as they change over the years. Each stage in the wealth management spectrum has an investment risk associated with it, and our dedicated team of advisors helps you, your family, and business navigate through the different phases, from wealth creation & growth, to preservation & protection, to distribution & legacy transfer.

Halcyon works with trusted professionals to provide specialized tax & estate planning for individuals, businesses owners and entrepreneurs. The planning they require involves managing financial resources through the strategic use of trusts, gifts, sales, and other income and wealth transfer methods. These methods implement family and philanthropic goals while minimizing income, gift, and estate taxes.

Why work with a Boutique Firm?

We are not tied down or distracted by product and portfolio options that may not benefit you. Instead, your Halcyon financial advisor is able to focus on you — to create a custom solution uniquely designed to fit your needs. As life continues to shift and grow, you receive valued financial advice to help prepare for the milestones ahead.

Halcyon is a fee only Advisory firm. Why Does This Matter?