Focused: concentrating on our best ideas

Patient: being investors and business owners, not traders.

Opportunistic: having no mandate

Go Anywhere: investing across all sectors, geographies and market caps

Individual Securities: owning businesses, not investment products

Fiduciary Responsibility: putting our clients’ interests first

Tax Efficient: minimizing the impact of taxes through our investment strategy

We believe that by maintaining a small client-to-staff ratio we are able to provide an extraordinary level of service and create long term relationships founded on mutual trust and understanding.

At Halcyon our goal is to help align what really matters to you and your family- your lifestyle, values, aspirations and passions- with each of your financial needs and goals. It all starts with you. Successful individuals often have a range of ambitions they want to fulfill. Such aspirations may include living an expatriate lifestyle, accumulating enough assets for an early retirement, or ensuring that their wealth is passed on to loved ones. Whatever your own personal aspirations are, our aim is to ensure that every aspect of your financial life is integrated and optimized to give you the freedom, confidence and control to realize them, while offering unbiased and transparent advice.